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Litter Bugs: insect sculptures created with found objects by Mark Oliver | FuriaMag | Arts Magazine

Mark Oliver has created a series of insects called “LitterBugs” brought to life entirely from trash; a species developed to adapt to the harsh, changing urban landscape. They are part of an invented genus, affectionately categorized in a document known as the “compendium of carabid and terrestrial detritus” – each one having been given their own title and scientific name, some based off the found objects from which they are built.

WonderBrooksfrom WonderBrooks

Express Yourself- Paper Mask Sculptures

Paper sculpture techniques


Insects made from old watches…

Insects made from old watches…Really cool, but I'm curious as to where the bulbs & transistor/fuse type thingies come from. Seriously ... would appreciate being enlightened. Doesn't really matter whether they do or don't come in watches. These are still works of genius & art ... in my not always so humble openguin. :)

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Created by designer ‘Istvan’ of Chaotic Atmosphere, these geometric insects are a beautiful exercise in fictional biology, code, and digital illustration. The collection of nearly 100 organisms with day/night variations, titled "Biotop from Polygonia," was made in Cinema 4D using random values within parameters designed by Istvan.