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Red fox bird-dog

snoozems are real

Perfect photoshop "art" .... kinda creepy, i wont lie

Snow Pounce -Richard Peters Foxes are my favorite animal, so that's part of the reason why I really like this photo. But I also really enjoy the cropping and the coloring. The fox jumped out of frame but all of the important parts are there, making it sort of minimalistic. The cool blues of the snowy scene against the warm colors of the fox's fur create some really nice contrast.

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Funny Dog,Bird n Lizard Fish.........


Mr.Fox is eating bird's food by Kent Shiraishi Looks like the poor thing is very hungry.

Alert bird dog (dark brown)

Brown & yellow bird dog

~~Fox by Ivan Godál~~

Weird+Animals | Weird Animals 01 | FunnyPica.com

Tigegel - Crazy Pictures

Funny Bird n Dogs.......

Funny Dogs...

Admit it. This is the first thing you do to hotel beds as well.



Cute brown bird dog

Golden-headed manakin

The elusive Dachshund bird