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The Berezniki sinkhole first appeared in 1986 and grows every year. Currently, it's more than 200m (650ft) deep, 80m (260ft) long, and 40m (130ft) wide.

What causes sinkholes? And where else in the U.S. might be vulnerable to sinkholes?


Indian Ocean tsunami on December 26, 2004 - killing over 230,000 people in 14 countries. The picture creates shock and awe at the same time.

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An image of the catastrophic reality of the force that comes with earthquakes. This photo, from the October 2005, Kashmir Earthquake, shows a building toppled completely to its side and the tragic rescue efforts that ensued.

Tropical Storm Debby created havoc in Florida, June 2012. Beside wind and flooding, many sink holes appeared.

Guatemala City Residents of a Guatemala City heard strange rumblings for weeks but weren’t sure what was happening beneath them. Then, in late February 2007, a near-perfect circle of earth dropped some 30 stories almost instantly. It’s amazing how neat the hole is. Two people died and over 1,000 had to be evacuated; the sinkhole resulted from a corroded sewage system deep beneath the surface. Sinkholes are caused by changing geologica


This picture, taken on March 11, 2011 by Sadatsugu Tomizawa and released via Jiji Press on March 21, shows tsunami waves hitting the coast of Minamisoma in Fukushima prefecture

The photographer commented that she rode the tornado out in a ditch that was close, and that most of the building was left standing, but the tin roof was probably in the next county. She didn't say where this was taken.

Sinkholes are real and terrifying! This particular sinkhole was found in Guatemala City in 2010. It was 18m (60ft) wide, and 60m (200ft) deep.

Japan - earthquake in Kobe

Mysteriously crooked trees in a forest in Gryfino, Poland. The reason for the curve is still unknown.

Sink hole in California.....are there signs and stuff for these? Sinkholes scare me!!

The Bermuda Triangle

Glastonbury - This is the church where King Arthur is said to be buried.