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    another angle of the Guatemala sinkhole

    NATURAL:Sinkholes, are a scary phenomena. Over time water erodes the soil under the planets surface until it gives away and collapses into the earth, they can be hundreds of feet deep, and have consumed city blocks, sidewalks and buildings

    An image of the catastrophic reality of the force that comes with earthquakes. This photo, from the October 2005, Kashmir Earthquake, shows a building toppled completely to its side and the tragic rescue efforts that ensued.

    Indian Ocean tsunami on December 26, 2004 - killing over 230,000 people in 14 countries. The picture creates shock and awe at the same time.

    Sink hole in California.....are there signs and stuff for these? Sinkholes scare me!!

    The Bermuda Triangle

    Sinkholes! for @Chelsey Boatwright Photography Fields

    The Berezniki sinkhole first appeared in 1986 and grows every year. Currently, it's more than 200m (650ft) deep, 80m (260ft) long, and 40m (130ft) wide.

    A "cloud tsunami" over high-rise condos.

    Guatemala Sinkhole  is 18 meters (60 feet) wide and 100 meters (300 feet) deep.


    Giant sinkhole in Sweden creating tremors as it expands

    10 Unexplained Ocean Mysteries -



    Amazing abandoned places in the world…

    This is the Cenote Angelita river in Mexico. Like many other rivers in the world, you can find trees & leaves along its banks. Notice that little guy to the left of the picture? That's a scuba diver. Because unlike other rivers, this one is underwater. The "river" is made of a layer of hydrogen sulfide which separates a layer of salt water below from a layer of fresh water above. The river was discovered by divers who entered the 200 ft deep Cenote Angelita cave in Mexico.

    The photographer commented that she rode the tornado out in a ditch that was close, and that most of the building was left standing, but the tin roof was probably in the next county. She didn't say where this was taken.

    What causes sinkholes? And where else in the U.S. might be vulnerable to sinkholes?

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