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Orchid: Cycnoches herenhusanum

Orchid Dendrobium Smilliae (via Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura)

Liparis torricellensis

Calanthe Orchid

Miltoniopsis, The Pansy Orchid

orchid roots

Nepenthes, I think its Orchid?

Epidendrum Wedding Valley 'Sakura'

Orchid care

~~ Masdevallia reichembachiana ~~ Orchid ~~. What an unusual flower color pallet!

unusual dendrobium orchid

Praying Angels Orchids

Cattleya Antines "Copper King" Orchid

Orange Fringed Orchis Photograph

Yoked Petal Orchids

Orchid: Comparettia ignea - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Paphiopedilum Orchid

Orange Mystique


Orchid: Cochleanthes flabelliformis - Found in Jamaica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil in relatively undisturbed, wet, montane forests at elevations of 250 to 1200 meters

~~ Queen of Sheba Orchid ~~


White Bat Orchid

Butterfly spider orchid, Arachnorchis lobata, Australia

Fringed-Leak Orchid: Prasophyllum fimbria - Flickr - Photo Sharing!