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Profit vs Humanity. We allow too many things to #divide us, and too many people and #corporations to fan those flames.

So this is the kind of change Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan feel we so desperately need — paying more money for less health care and fewer years of coverage. You know … freedom.

Know the truth. click the image for the full report, or here ⇒ theincidentalecon... for a summary.

damn liberal facts <-- Yes, 'cause just as Colbert said, "The facts have a liberal bias." To me, this was surely one of the low points of the Romney campaign -- right up there with the 47% and the Binders full of women.

This Guy Wonders WT? Is Wrong With Americans... And NAILS It. Hopefully Americans Will Open Their Eyes

The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie.

Equal Rights, .. nope just gotta have common sense and the compassion for others. Support!

Point well taken and I'm getting really tired of that cheap plastic crap from China.

I feel like this might be what I need, but where I would go is another question. I sometimes wish I could just camp out in the middle of nowhere and look up at the stars 'til I fall asleep.

Read this and immediately thought Obama, but then asked my sister and mom who they thought said this without saying it was Hitler. Within seconds they both snickered and said Obama. That says something.