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Duluth Trading TV Ad: Swingin' Made Easy, Flannel Made Burly | HAHAHAHA I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL SO MUCH

Please pin this and watch it, forget about it being a commercial it's just amazing

When is a man free to move like a man? When he's got on a Free Swingin' Flannel from Duluth Trading.

XD I went to a movie in the park where they were playing Frozen and they had subtitles . . . subtitles make sad parts hilarious!

A Texan clad in Duluth Trading Fire Hose® Jeans takes on a 644-pound wild boar.

Real Men Of Genius - Silent Killer Gas Passer....I love these. Especially the guy singing. He's so into

Floor plans from TV series: Seinfeld, HIMYM, The Big Bang Theory, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Sex and the City, Frasier

'Steve's Facebook Post' Sprint TV Commercial Featuring James Earl Jones & Malcolm McDowell: "Dude, you've turned into a monster!" "You've made me this way." LOL!

DIRECTV - "Stop Taking in Stray Animals" 2012 Commercial - Use to show slippery slope/propaganda?

AT&T TV Commercial -- "Network Guys - Office" this is hilarious! So cheesy but I love his laugh!!!