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  • Lori A

    Succulent Corks Wine corks can double as mini plants for tiny succulents.

  • Janet Otto

    Use pretty wine corks to make planters for tiny succulents. Love this idea! JO: CUTE! :) These would be even better for those little airplants! :)

  • Claire Wilson

    tiny DIY succulent garden. what a great idea

  • Saveljeva Garden

    Such a cute idea, use air plants or tiny succulents. <3

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LOVE this idea. However, if I use all the indoor plant ideas I keep finding I am going to end up living in a jungle and have not time because I will be watering every minute of every day.

Pinning this to remind myself to go for the big effect: buy the big pot. Buy several. More impact than piddling money away on small stuff--and way more style.

Recycled corks into Giraffe sculpture (my personal images are used in my audio e-books for children 3-7 and Illustrative Poetry, available at

More wine cork ideas! DIY...these may cost $, and you'll likely spend more in wine making your own, but it will be FAR more fun than just shelling out $ for it!

Reserved for Kristie. $43.00, via too cute, wine labels as board background, then corks to hang glasses or whatever from

Cool cork microplanter by Kim from Crafts Unleashed (featured on DSC)

Cork Planters DIY: Hollow them out and plant. For some awesome fridge decorations just glue a magnet to them or simply stick them to whatever surface you want to hang them on.

Lots of good tips on growing succulents in the comments at this link from other "succulent killers" like myself.

Wine cork project..builds up over time and saves something from each gathering with friends...unfortunately this would be bad for me to try because we'd need to drink 10-20 bottles at many gatherings in a few days so I could finish it. . .