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I’m Just Going To Call You ‘R’

I'm Just Going To Call You 'R'


Can’t Find The Difference

Pinned @✨SameeraHeart✨ Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora look like the Wayans brothers in WHITE CHICKS MOVIE!!!


This Is Out Of Control

Hahahah best makeup tutorial ever. Hollywood makeup


It’s Not Even Centered

What purpose does this rat tail serve? (Other than to serve as a great new meme, that is.)


Ab enhancer

AB hancer! Recommended by psuedo-athletes everywhere: 8334292 Leandrayyx, Truth, Six Packs, Lilly16900 8334292, Funny Stuff, 6 Packs, Abs Lilly16900


Ellen on the importance of college…

Ellen on the importance of college. love her! she's so funny! and real! ahaha!


So fetch…

Mean girls strikes again. I don't know why I find this so funny, but I thought everyone should see it. Enjoy.


Real Hipster

You're not a real hipster until you take your typewriter to the park. Can't stop laughing!


Antoine Dogson

So you better! Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! AND HIDE YO HUSBAND CUZ HE R***NG EVERYBODY OUT THERE XD


Grumpy grandma…

AYEEEE PARTAY HE ISN'T GRUMPY :D wait that ruins him being grumpy cat...

Medieval Reactions tweets

Completely inappropriate, but it made me laugh just the same. Sorry.


Use What You Have

Just why .. why is the goat in the trunk and where is your taillight????