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  • Laura Stephenson

    This is brilliant. Fast Food chart for when we can't decide! haha

  • Ashtyn Owen

    Fast food web.

  • JC Bent

    OR: is it after a swim meet? Yes: KFC, No: are you with friends? No: Are you with Dad? No: Burger King, Yes: A&W, Yes (are you with friends): is it youth group? Yes: DQ, No: is Emma at work? Yes: Mc Donald's, No: Tim Hortons

  • Gabby Danis

    Flow charts are good information graphics because they can help you in making decisions or solving a tough problem. I found this flow chart interesting and funny because it helps a person decide what type of fast food restaurant that they should eat at. There are also many different outcomes in this graphic which I found great for a person actually using the chart.

  • Ella Henry

    Where shall I eat? Where has this been all my life?!?! I got BURGER KING!!!

  • Ang- Pont Davis

    Fast Food Flow Chart - deciding where to eat! This cracked me up for the simple fact it only gives Tim Horton's as an option for Canada.

  • Micah Fraim, CPA

    Fast Food Choices

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