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From Tokyomilk:

Beautiful Packaging from TokyoMilk

Kuro Shampoo Packaging


The blue olive's packaging / skin care

Citrus tied & folded hand cream.

Deep grey wrapping paper, black twine and a small stamped medallion make this Hudson Made Workers Soap ultra-masculine and sophisticated. Created by Hovard Design, Brooklyn.

ONUMA HONEY designed by the Japanese in Yamagata Prefecture akaoni design company.

Library of Flowers Arboretum Perfumed Soap - Neiman Marcus

soap packaging

Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Rooftop Gardens Packaging (Student Project)

// packaging


design by tracy lenihan

The Australian Aesop product are available online or at Senteur d'ailleurs, Bruxelles !

It smells divine and makes your hands feel like silk.