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Notice the position of the apostrophe? That's the correct way to say y'all. It's a contraction of you and all. Simple huh? Dang Yankees always get it wrong. Giggle

Level of Maturity…this is the truth

Louisiana Loves LSU Fleur De Lis Love it, Louisiana Proud!

...yeah, like for the guy who steals peoples' food...or the annoying person who says hi three times...or just for fun with Danielle Lampert Bodway and Brandy Waterfall Hager-Stanke! lol!

this may be on my humor board, but actually please.

According to the BMI chart, I'm too short.

If you're a Southern woman the urge to monogram everything you own comes as natural as a Southern man's urge to kill anything with fur or feathers.

The largest cypress forest in the world at Caddo Lake, Texas/Louisiana, USA (by dave_hensley).

YES, VERY MUCH SO! I'm now I'm stuck with around a bunch of northerners in Shreveport - blah!