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    • Chelsea Hickox

      Love this math station I spotted in 5th grade recently. Students use playing cards to find range, median, and mode. Fun and simple activity! Playing cards fanned out in a holder are used to determine range, median, and mode.

    • UACM Math

      Fifth grade math station at Scarborough Elementary | Debbie Diller. Dianne Robinson Playing cards randomly selected to show rangr, median, and mode

    • Lynn Kipp

      4th grade math idea - Use jumbo playing cards to find range, median, mode

    • Karla Atkinson

      good math center idea - mean, median, mode - using playing cards.

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    Free! Free! Free! Estimation is such an important mathematical skill. Repeated exposure to estimation activities leads to much stronger number sense. I love this estimation activity during the winter season. I use baby carrots for the “Snowmen Noses” in this lesson. I use the Snowmen Noses Label to cover the bag of baby carrots. They love this activity so much that I often do it a couple of times with different sized jars.

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