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Don't know what all I can say, that I haven't said!!!

MOODY LOVE #vtpaid - I love love love this friend, I'd marry it . This is awesome for a personal account, it looks good with all photos and each photo doesn't have to match to look good. - Awesome with selfies, ootd, landscape, nature, everything! - New caption set up so it is easier and also I have added hashtags making it easier for you to find your filter! I have #/vtfree (free filters), #/vtadvice (advice for you feed), #vtpaid (paid filters), and #/vttutorials (tutorials, I haven't…

15 Books to Give Your Friends Going Through a Quarter-Life Crisis

Because making it through your 20s isn't always an easy feat, here are some good reads to help you out along the way.

25 Moments When Joey And Chandler Won At Friendship

Like trading all of their furniture and appliances for this canoe… Even if it wasn’t 100% voluntary. | 25 Moments When Joey And Chandler Won At Friendship

I don't snap on people often but when I do watch out. I had even talked to someone about leaving my sister alone (nicely) but the words I chose made her agree to back off and run away. Lol

"You'll pay the price I tell ya! Where's the stash you yellow belly underhanded schemer." "I swears, I don't know nothing. On my life I swear it!"