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    • Sofia Sosa

      Song lyrics comparison… I love Beyoncé and Freddie Mercury! Bohemian Rhapsody is literally a work if art!!

    • Rachel Keay-Mcvay

      This generation of music will obviously not stand the test of time!! Freddie Mercury was a genius! I love Bohemian Rhapsody! ^_^

    • Michelle Kinard

      Song lyrics comparison…Beyonce may have a voice but no talent...Queen's Freddie Mercury was amazingly talented and had a voice.

    • Deb Shannon

      Song lyrics comparison…what does this tell you? Freddie Mercury was AWESOME!!!!

    • Lynna Freeman

      shows u that today`s music sucks and rock n roll will go on forever

    • adam gonzales

      Song lyrics comparison…this is why modern music sucks soooooo much

    • Jaquie Milam

      We need more real music again.. Bohemian rhapsody is an epic song!

    • Mary Wood

      Song lyrics comparison… what so many call music today is just sad

    • Joshua Yailaian

      Funny stuffs

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