kate lewis

Rug and Half of a Black Chair - Kate Lewis 2012 American Graphite, Watercolor, Gouache and Acrylic on canvas x 10 inches

How to draw your own Mandala

Learn how to draw a mandala using these easy steps! Once you know how to draw mandalas, you can easily create your own mandalas to reflect your inner spirit.

Kate Lewis

Kate Lewis

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Carlo Zinelli (1916-1974) was born near Verona, Italy. At the age of 31, he was admitted to the San Giacomo hospital in Verona. Ten years later he started to scratch graffiti on the walls of the establishment. Faced with a need for self-expression on Carlo’s part, the hospital board permitted him to attend the painting and sculpture workshop created in 1957. Carlo went on to produce almost 3,000 works.

Carlo Zinelli was born near Verona, Italy. Carlo later became a butcher’s apprentice at the municipal abattoir