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The moment when you're reading a book and the whole world around you does not exist anymore........!

Just take a moment and read a good book. It may take you on a journey.

Just like me -- I used public transportation for 20 years and read A LOT of good books.

i loved what was written under this photo; the reason for repinning it- not the actual photo!! There was a quote I read once. Something about what a beautiful feeling it is when someone falls asleep in your presence. It means they trust you. It means they’re comfortable enough to fully let their guard down and become unconscious in front of you. They trust you’ll take care of them.

"I took this picture at the #restaurant where we ate lunch in New York. I believe this guy was a #book reviewer; he probably thought i was a creeper =P i couldn't stop staring! it was far too interesting." - db photography #read #reading

:o) Dedicato a tutte coloro che si riconoscono in queste parole :o) #libro #book #libri #books #frasilibri #aforismilibri #fieralibrocerignola