Sub Binder I HATE trying to write down where everything is.... THIS is MUCH easier! (THIS. IS. SO. SMART!)

Sub binder - I have one, but love her ideas. Also found the ORIGINAL website and so the pin now takes you to the right webpage.

another great idea!

Classroom rewards, NO TREASURE BOX, I am doing this next year! Save some money!

holy cow...this lady is this...each unit organized in a binder with all worksheets/lesson plans/etc. filed in the proper binder :)

Organization: Master Copy Binder

Designing "around" a smart board. I can't wait to use my Smart Board!

Organize your classroom library with this book scanner app, which creates a database of all your books.

Printable All-In-One Teacher Binder

Establishing a new standard for teaching easels – the Inspiration Station was designed in collaboration with educators, incorporating many innovative features to make teaching easier and more effective. The Inspiration Station is a valuable tool for both independent and group activities.

KETCHUP folder: When students are absent, place a "ketchup folder" on their desk and slide their missed assignments inside the folder throughout the day.

Classroom Freebies Too: Free Editable Substitute Binder

I would have never thought of this.

Tissue paper and electrical tape.

Great classroom idea for birthdays

love this : classroom timeline. It helps students remember events throughout the year.

Erica Bohrer's First Grade: Photos of My First Grade Classroom - birthdays

"....When a student proudly brings me a card or drawing, I read it and tell them how wonderful they are, and then direct them to the Cards to Remember book. They add their card or drawing to the binder. I leave the binder on display so other students can look through it." -I MUST do this!!!

classroom collective

Have each bin labeled as pictured and run everything off the Friday before - that way it's in place and ready to go for the next week! Easy, peasy!

Brain Break