Blodeuwedd Original Oil Painting by MiriamMorgan on Etsy, $300.00 15x20 inches Blodeuwedd is an oil painting from my Goddess series. She was the Welsh goddess of the night, also called "flowerface" and the "night owl". According to the myth, Blodeuwedd's face was created from the petals of nine different types of flowers, which accounted for her name "flowerface".

Rhiannon is a welsh goddess whose name means divine queen of the fairies. The story of the Celtic goddess reminds us of the healing power of humour, tears and forgiveness. She is the goddess of movement and change, yet is steadfast and comforts us in times of crisis or loss. Rhiannon was the lunar goddess of fertility and rebirth, transformation, wisdom and magic. She was worshipped under the moonlight.

Culture: Irish and Welsh Also called Don, Dana and Anu. She is the most ancient of the Celtic Goddesses that we have any knowledge of. I...

In Celtic mythology, Arianrhod, goddess of the Silver Wheel, carries the souls of the deceased to Emania. Arianrhod is associated with and can transform into an Owl, and through the eyes of the Owl, can see the truth in the human soul.

Gods Goddesses Legends Myths: The Welsh Goddess Ceridwen releasing Spring from her cauldron.

Auguste Raynaud (1850-1937) La Nuit,detail.

Vanth is an Etruscan goddess of the Underworld whose presence indicates recent or impending death. Many Etruscan goddesses were shown with wings, but with Vanth they seem to be an integral part of her character. Sometimes her wings are painted with eyes, perhaps to represent all-seeing and inevitable death. She is depicted as partner to Kharun, the Etruscan version of the Greek god Charon, the Underworld guardian.

Rhiannon, Welsh Goddess of the earth, fertility, horses and birds, who also has links to the Underworld

Arianrhod, Welsh goddess of the moon and stars (I love her for astral travel)

Blodeuwedd, Welsh Goddess

Tyche - Goddess of fortune and prosperity

"The Welsh goddess Arianrhod: goddess of the full moon, star goddess, sky goddess, goddess of reincarnation, keeper of the circling silver wheel of stars, a symbol of time and reincarnation."

star goddess

Cerridwen - Goddess of transformation, death, magic, regeneration, the Welsh Goddess of the Sacred Cauldron of inspiration, awen, a powerful symbol of transforming magic for it is said to contain all of the knowledge of the world.

Hina is the Hawaiian goddess of the moon, death, and rebirth. Hina lived in the sea and was tired of her toilsome underwater existence, so she left the water and escaped to the moon.

Spirit Woman, Talking Stick, Ceremonial Earth Goddess with Crystals and ShellEUCH allen einen wunderschönen Sonntag wünscht:

Aphrodite Goddess of Beauty and Nature Spirit ~ loved and pinned by #divine #goddess

Roy Lichtenstein

Selkie Sea Goddess

Hecate "the distant one" Goddess of the Crossroads. Mother of witches, she is a goddess of the dark hours & associated with the crone aspect of the Triple Goddess - Emily Balivet (etsy)

Ma'at - The Egyptian Goddess Of Truth