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Blodeuwedd Original Oil Painting by MiriamMorgan on Etsy, $300.00 15x20 inches Blodeuwedd is an oil painting from my Goddess series. She was the Welsh goddess of the night, also called "flowerface" and the "night owl". According to the myth, Blodeuwedd's face was created from the petals of nine different types of flowers, which accounted for her name "flowerface".

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The Goddess CEREDWEN

Gods Goddesses Legends Myths: The Welsh Goddess Ceridwen releasing Spring from her cauldron.

Blodeuwedd - The Flower Woman A portrait of Blodeuwedd for Oh Comely Magazine. Blodeuwedd is the Welsh Goddess of spring created from flowers, and the wife of Lleu, son of Arianrhod. by Hsiao-Ron Cheng

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Goddess Blodeuwedd Necklace - english hawthorne pendant pagan flower goddess celtic welsh love magic magical wand witch white

Goddess Blodeuwedd Necklace english hawthorne by MoonsCraftsUK

Tamale 85x11 Original Oil Painting on Wood by MiriamMorgan on Etsy, $94.00 This was a fun painting to do! With those big, mesmerizing eyes and all those paint splatters, it was hard to know when to call it finished. I named her “Tamale” because she appears to be wrapped in a corn husk, and the splatter paint is the color of chili powder.

Marija Gimbutas called these types of figurines Bird Goddesses, this one is holding an infant - Syrian, 1450-1200 BC

Blodeuwedd (welsh goddess), pronunciation: bluh DIE weth [“th” as in “weather”. The goddess of wisdom, lunar mysteries, and initiations. She was turned into an owl for being unfaithful and had to live in the dark forest where she found her inner self. The lesson of Blodeuwedd is that we must leave behind our youth and innocence and claim the Feminine Divine in order to transform and become wise.( painting by James Guppy)

Blodeuwedd (welsh goddess- pronounced "blood EH weth"), the woman made of flowers. Goddess of spring, wisdom, lunar mysteries, & initiations. Maiden form of the Triple Goddess. She was turned into an owl for being unfaithful (her sacred bird which is known as an outcast among birds). Blodeuwedd is connected with death and reincarnation. 'Owl Spirit' by Anita Inverarity

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Bird Tribe Buffalo Feather Goddess visionary art by Isabel Bryna


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Apple Annie - Goddess Of The Orchard

Goddess Of The Orchard.

Yoni Goddess - Fertility cults centred on phallic worship are well documented, but older and even more pervasive are the cults of the Goddess and her vulva. Yoni worship was part of the spiritual heritage in every part of the globe and may in fact be the most ancient religion of humanity