Wizard of oz sleeve.

The wizard of Oz sleeve complete. Thanks for looking! INSTAGRAM:@christopherbettley www.facebook.com/tattoosbychristafist

Wizard of Oz tattoo idea


The Hour Glass from the Wizard of Oz.  one of my favorite movies.  Time eventually runs out, deary.  Done by Hector.  Born4Ink Bronx, NY

O.m.g. in love! Except I'd want "there's no place like home" for the quote.

I Love This.. if only i had the money! wizard of oz, dorthy , color tattoo , girlie , movie , bow | Kristel Oreto -Tattoo Artist- Philadelphia, PA

Incredible Wicked cameo tattoo with Elphaba and Glinda.

wizard of oz #tattoo

OMG!! I am a huge Oz fan... my favorite movie ever! I never planned on getting an Oz inspired tat until now... but I want the skyline of Emerald City with a small part of the Yellow Brick Road and then the Ruby Slippers sitting in the middle of the road!! Once I'm able to afford it I am soon getting this... Any suggestions for a tattoo artist that could do what I described??

Getting these with the quote "there is no place like home", love my Wizard of Oz!

bird watercolor tattoo. side tattoo. quote tattoo. let it be tattoo. rib tattoo. I SOOO want a tat like this!!

Wizard of oz

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I don't like the looks of this one but I do want a WOZ tattoo

designs will embrace other tattoo elements to create the pretty styles. If you

Look at this Wizard of Oz 16-Oz. Party Cup on #zulily today!

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