Wizard of oz sleeve.

The wizard of Oz sleeve complete. Thanks for looking! INSTAGRAM:@christopherbettley www.facebook.com/tattoosbychristafist

Tattoo .omg!

Wizard of Oz Watercolor Art. This art illustration is a composition of digital watercolor images and silhouettes in a minimalist style.

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wizard of oz tattoo

The Hour Glass from the Wizard of Oz.  one of my favorite movies.  Time eventually runs out, deary.  Done by Hector.  Born4Ink Bronx, NY

Wow. This is pretty. Wouldn't get Wicked ever but the style is gorgeous. Wicked cameo tattoo with Elphaba and Glinda.

Wizard of Oz tattoo idea

Wizard of oz tattoo by Jordan Baker at the skin kitchen.

best tattoo ever

Full sleeve by Niki Norberg, Göteborg, Sweden if I was to ever get a sleeve this would be it

The Wizard of Oz tattoo- This is exactly what I want on the outside of each foot, in that same spot

Wizard of Oz Tattoo. I WANT this tattoo, with some minor changes.

O.m.g. in love! Except I'd want "there's no place like home" for the quote.


Elphaba and Glinda tattoos #wicked- i would never do this, but if i had temporary ones......

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