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  • Tonya Watson (Lail)

    Math journals as permanent centers. This center can reinforce skills you've already taught, takes just a few minutes to set up, and also teaches writing skills as well as math skills. There are many different math journal books on the market that you can choose from, but this blogger's favorite math journal prompt books are by Yvonne Crawford. (

  • Candy Namynanik

    Ideas for a math journal center. Adapt for kinder but love permanent math center concept!!!! Reinforce what has been taught. Drawing and labeling etc

  • Stephanie Lerch

    Math journal center idea

  • Katie Dohm

    put their numbers on the binding of their composition notebooks!

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Fun way to practice place value. It would be easy to differentiate by changing the number of digits.

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Love this math station I spotted in 5th grade recently. Students use playing cards to find range, median, and mode. Fun and simple activity! Playing cards fanned out in a holder are used to determine range, median, and mode. Have a game similar to this with playing cards.

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