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Oh how I love this. Girls were always extremely mean to me growing up. Now I almost cry every time my son steps onto his bus. I'm terrified for my children to have to endure mean people. And I hope they never have to. Be nice! Children learn by example.

It is so easy to gossip about someone behind their back, think bad things about them, and judge them without really knowing what they are going thorough. It is hard, however, to do that once you really get to know that person. ~ Olivia R. Bogan.

this is so true for someone that I haven't seen in 10 months!!! love when people tell you how much you grow and change with their influence... and yet thats because they want to believe it.. and you haven't changed, lol

I promised myself it was just for tonight, just to see if anyone cared enough to look. But when I stood there, in the rain against the wall of James' Bar and Grill, I had a sense of freedom. I don't get that when I'm stuck in Freeda's crappy trailer home.

True however I have found that sometimes the person(s) who you think would take a bullet for you are actually standing by your side incase they need to use you as a human shield to protect themselves! But in the end Karma always makes it right! ;) -

Showing my true, real self is hard. Bullied, teased, made fun of for who you really were is hard to come from. That's why people put up walls, barriers, masks, to hide behind. They're afraid that people will do it again, just like the people before.