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Packman Broccoli

unusual and stunning . . . fritillaria snake's head

Cauliflower Amazing bears 10-inch heads on super-robust plants just hold and hold in the field -- without sacrificing flavor or texture!

Best Dwarf Blueberry Plants- for high yield, cold weather, containers, and compact spaces (Even a dwarf blueberry plant can yield up to 9 pounds of berries each season.)

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Learn how to grow broccoli, a plant that can be grown in the spring or the fall, depending on your climate. Learn how to properly take care of your broccoli plant for the best harvest.

52 days. If you can only grow one cuke this year for both fresh and pickled fruit, make it this heirloom delight! Blunt, thick cukes up to 6 inches long are only slightly tapered at the ends -- perfect for fitting in the pickle jar! Dark green with black spines, they are delicious at any age. Pick them at 2 to 3 inches for gherkins, or at 4 inches for fresh eating as slicers. Or let them mature to full size (1? pounds on average). Heavy yields all season long, and good resistance to scab and...

"Seascape" strawberry....it yields 3 seasons worth of fruit spring, summer, and fall.

7 tips for growing giant basil plants

Broccoli from the Garden

65 days from setting out transplants. Just 1 to 2 pounds each, these delectable mini melons are ultra-flavorful and sweet. Boasting bright, aromatic orange flesh, heavy netting, and slight ribbing, they're just enough for a single serving of ambrosial cantaloupe!Inspire arises on compact, semi-bush vining plants that conserve garden space. When every inch of the sunny vegetable patch counts, Inspire is the cantaloupe you can squeeze in for big yields!Sow seeds directly in the garden after th...

Raspberry 'Royalty' - Large to very large. Royalty is one of the largest red raspberries available. When ripe, it’s soft purple in color, has a light fresh taste and is ideal for making an outstanding jam. High yielding and cold-hardy.

Chinese Lantern Plant



strawberry tower

chart to help you diagnose some of the most common and most important soil nutrient deficiencies and how to fix them.

You don't necessarily have to pay high prices to get quality garden seeds. These 18 flower seed packs are priced insanely cheap and have the reviews to prove they will produce beautifully in your garden. Shop the seed collection now!

Cool plants

There's always something that needs to be done in a garden: Here's a month-by-month guide to what you should be doing from the Spalding Plant and Bulb Company.

Great success with planting a slope has to do with the types of plants you use. Here are some great tips, ideas and photos. For low maintenance, be sure to use drought tolerant plants!