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      This picture goes out to all the CRAPPY people who have a dog for a few years and then give it up because "you got too busy" or you had a baby...or whatever you think is an acceptable excuse for giving up your family member. Or a cat, or a horse, or any other animal that loves you with all it's heart

    • Michelle Manness

      this so heart wrenching. a mans best friend.. you can see he's homeless and the only food you see is a can of dog food. <3

    • Ashley Michels

      I love this picture. Unconditional love. A homeless man and his dog. Our dogs are the most important things in the world to me and Adam. We would give up everything, but would never give up on our dogs no matter how much money someone offered us.

    • Jennifer Pendergrass

      Heartbreaking and so sweet. That's why dogs are mans' best friend. Be thankful every day for your babies and your home.

    • Jacinta considine

      heartbreaking to see this: homeless person in a wealthy country (usa) abandoned by his fellow man, accepted and loved by his loyal best friend, his dog. What do animals get that humans seem to miss?! Love your neighbor as yourself. Matthew 19:19

    • Ashley Wright

      This is really sweet.... Oh, how I wish that no one had to go through hard times like that! But to see the love that he has for his dog and the dog for him, that just show that he is probably "richer" than most! You don't have to have money, a home, or material things to be a "rich" man... I am so thankful for my blessings- My dog being one of them!!

    • G Mac

      Companionship The dog does not know he is 'homeless'.....No wonder they say "Man's BEST FRIEND" This is such an interesting picture- This man may be alone and have nothing - BUT he has companionship. And it's just keep going for tomorrow. What a painfully beautiful picture wonderful thought.

    • Fi (Fjøna) Brown

      "The dogs in our lives, the dogs we come to love and who (we fervently believe) love us in return, offer more than fidelity, consolation, and companionship. They offer comedy, irony, wit, and a wealth of anecdotes, the "shaggy dog stories" and "stupid pet tricks" that are commonplace pleasures of life. They offer, if we are wise enough or simple enough to take it, a model for what it means to give your heart with little thought of return. Both powerfully imaginary and comfortingly real, dogs act as mirrors for our own beliefs about what would constitute a truly humane society. Perhaps it is not too late for them to teach us some new tricks." Marjorie Garber

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