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[{BEST FAN-MADE VIDEO EVER! if you've read The Hunger Games (second book) than i highly recommend watching, this is great!} Just pinning this again so you can WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. Also before I said this would be fine to watch if you'd read Catching Fire but really you should probably finish Mockingjay first before you watch this. Just sayin :)] Pinning this yet again. You seriously must watch this.

I love this, I have watched it several times in the last 6 months or so ..... its amazing


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The Hunger Games Necklace I just want out of reason

I feel like Everlark's closeness in this scene following the encounter with Finnick foreshadows his importance to their relationship in a way. In Mockingjay, comparing Finnick and Katniss' similar emotional states and worries over Peeta & Annie when we KNOW how much Finnick loves Annie serves to highlight Katniss' feelings for Peeta. It's even more concrete proof that she really is in love him.

VIDEO: Stuff Hunger Games Fans Say. I couldn’t resist repinning this! (via @My Hunger Games .com.) I love his Wimpering Rue-call! This is exactly poor roommates. haha

This moment where Katniss isn't sure if peeta is dead. You see her real heart for him. She cares and loves him so much so she would be heartbroken #love -The hunger games: catching fire

This fact is so sad, but I have to fangirl over the fact that they used the MainstaPro picture! They're Finnick and Annie mini series is amazing, as is the Haymitch/Maysilee video that they did!

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Katniss & Finnick (this moment killed me when I saw the trailer)

Just a friendly reminder: We Mags die, Cinna get beaten to death, Finnick die, Peeta getting tortured and hijacked and Prim get blown to bits by a bomb! Just a friendly reminder. AHHHHH! DX. I will die of feels before seeing MockingJay...