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  • Patricia Sorensen

    -baby elephant and her baby girl. OMG, soo sweet

  • Ryan Markert Schuler

    Vintage photo of little girl with baby elephant - so cute! I think she's leading him by the trunk and stopped for a second to decide where to go next, look how patient he's being :+)

  • Denise S. Hackwell

    .every little girls best friend. Dumbo :) <3

  • Anke Jack

    baby elephant & little girl #atlcomputerdude (Animals are in need of adoption, visit to adopt or donate)

  • JodiRose

    "well what do you think baby elephant?" i want my kids to have a pet elephant

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Mother's love...Elephants have such a connection with their own that they mourn year after year after one of their own has died. It's so sad.

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Some people may find those wrinkles quite gross, but I think it just makes my precious little elephants cuter ♥

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Awhhh! I LOVE stories of animals of different species coming together and becoming friends. If only we humans could be so non-judgmental. kw

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Awww. thats at disney on the jungle boat ride. been on there several times. my parents took us to disney in 195?. i cant remember 'cause i was so little. my dad was taller than a few of the trees.

... perfect images to be framed with one of your favourite verses or poems and it will great gift or unique memento.

Touching - the absolute reason I adore elephants. Their compassion is so beautiful!