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On their birthday, cover the floor of their room with balloons while they sleep. That way they have a big surprise when they wake up!

Birthday Traditions to Start Now

(Cover the floor of their room with birthday balloons while they sleep. That way they have a big surprise when they wake up. birthday traditions to start now!

Turn their bath into a party. DIY ways to make kids birthday extra special

21 Ways To Make Your Kid's Birthday Extra Special

Such a simple way to make a little one feel special on their birthday. Turn bath time into party time! Minus the colored water and banner, I love the balloons in the bath idea! Hartley's special birthday bath may include icecream, while in the bath :)

Rainbows in a bag.

St. Patrick's Day Party St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

Cute rainbows in a bag. These are fun birthday party favors or a school treat for kids to bring to class and hand out to all the kids. Add Rolo's for a St Patty's Day /March birthday? Birthday,children,Fun with

For drive through cinema- would be nice outside in the evening with a projector too!

Make cardboard cars for your children and have an indoor drive in movie! Great way to reuse boxes! This will keep kids bsy wh the moving boxes, while

Tape balloons to the wall for a child's birthday

15 Amazingly Creative And Cool Kids Parties

Kids love to see their new number on their birthday. Tape balloons with double-sided tape to a wall.

Tooth Fairy photos with your child at www.capturethemagic.com/   Here she is checking to make sure child is sleeping. 4-5 different poses incl. trying to lift pillow!  So cute, it might be a good idea to let child see you set a camera up on something for you to catch her for proof to them, otherwise they may catch on that you weren't in room all night.  This is such a cute idea - they grow up all too fast, as it is!

Lost a Tooth today - Tooth Fairy picture. Take a picture of your child while they are sleeping after they lost a tooth. Then, go to this website where they'll put the "tooth fairy" in the picture with them! I'll have to remember this one day!

an ART PARTY theme.

9 Easy, Inexpensive, and Unforgettable Birthday Party Favor Ideas-Get some cool, creative party favor ideas that you can pull together yourself on the cheap, and still leave a lasting impression on your little party goers.