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  • Athlete's Addiction

    Next time you think you're too busy to workout, remember this quote...#motivation #repin #noexcuses

  • Misty Cochrane

    This is not a guilt trip. This is motivation. I was always encouraged to see President Bush going for a run. If the President of the United States can make time for working out, so can I!

  • Dana Fualalo

    LOVE this quote cos it is MY excuse to the T!!!! What can you cut out to make time to exercise??

  • Living Healthier

    Make time for a workout today #fitness #health #noexcuses - @shaklee_healthy #webstagram

  • chipsandsalsa

    So true! I need to remember this when debating on whether or not I "have time" for a workout!

  • Amber

    No excuses! Always make time to workout! It is something your body needs

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so true and also to put up running clothes

Then there are those of us who are obsessed but too lazy to do much more than talk about it

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Running - the one that I wish someone would have told me is that there is a wall you break through and then running is like floating on air. When that happened I didn't want to STOP running. - anne davis

This is actually a good running/interval plan. Even if you are a new runner, this is very doable and scorches the calories!

Excellent motivational quote for getting into shape. I have known and excepted for a number of years that I will never be a slender girl. I was born a curvy girl, and I love and embrace it. So my goal is never to look like other girls, but look the best that I can look.

"Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it." -Yves Saint Laurant

This made me laugh but it's exactly how I feel! :) Maybe i will just walk ha ha