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  • Sarah-Marie Smith

    cassette - party favors

  • Jazmin G

    Cassette Tapes! Reminds me of the past, n the decades of music that was heard through them!

  • Kimberley Dryden

    Mixtapes. Usually recorded off the radio on the weekend during the 'weekly top 40' countdown. MEMORIES!!

  • Angela Cowgill

    Cassette Tapes! Oh the hours I spent making mix tapes...trying to time it just right to get the entire song but no commercials or DJ's. Those were the days...recording straight from the radio!

  • Claire .

    The joys of childhood that children will never experience ever again. 1. Not knowing what was on TV while watching TV. 2. Knowing the satisfaction of watching a portable TV. 3. Discmans. 4. The thrill of recording your favorite song off the radio. 5. Saturday MORNING cartoons. 6. Remembering phone numbers.... LOL

  • Hannah Forman

    Cassette tapes. It's so funny to think that my kids will be like "What is THAT?".

  • Andri Benjamin

    I listened to foo fighters of this

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OMG! Mom and Dad had one of these when we were kids....We would pretend we were Howard Cosell!

Remember listening to that same one you loved, til it got stuck & eaten......dang it!

Hah! I remember these! "Oh man! My totally awesome, recorded from the radio, mix tapes were these very colorful, 80's style cassette tapes!"

Before the ghetto blaster, there was this. The birth of mix tapes happened right here, folks.

Taping songs off the radio ... and having to try and time it just right to cut out the DJ talking over the song

The lovely "Cassette" Recorder, no '70's home was without one. If you had two you could record yourself singing along to Fame!

Cassette Singles. (and I think I had every single one of these.) Remember Batdance?

Retro CASSETTE TAPE RECORDER - to tape songs off the radio!

My go-to tapes for recording music off the radio and making silly conversational tapes with friends.

Had one of these - spent way too many hours recording stupid stuff!

Cassette tapes! Throw back must have! How else could u record ur favorite songs from the friday night countdown!?? And then memorize the words