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Gorgeous gnome in his terrarium home

I need to make this! YOU WILL NEED Fishbowl or glass jar of any size Small stones Horticultural charcoal Potting soil Plants of your choice (see ideas at bottom) Scissors Water Decorative rocks and figurines


Prepare your family and guests delicious holiday meals, but also you can fascinate them with creative Easter decorations. In addition to beautiful food arr

Easter Decoration

I just love that, a vase with fake grass inside peeps on top and jelly beans :D yay

Crafts             Look to your garden for inspiration and ingredients for crafting.

A fun easy Easter project for the family. Make an edible terrarium with Easter Candy. Craft an Edible Terrarium : HGTVGardens

Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs

Speckled in deep brown, this assortment of blown-out quail egg shells nests perfectly in a spring terrarium or centerpiece.- Set of Quail eggs she

made with small water bottles and cupcake wrappers!

Easter Bunnies -- A water bottle + a cupcake liner + bunny ears = Oh-So-Cute Easter Bunny Bottles! Free Printables - Bottle-Cap Bunny Ears,Bunny Hands and Happy Easter