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  • G G

    ♥ saturdaynight late skate with my Sister.

  • Melissa Davis

    Roller Skating Rinks. Loved roller skating. Every Friday night. One dollar would get you skates and an afternoon of pure fun!

  • Lyn Gough

    Roller Skating Rinks. Such fun! there is one roller rink left in perth

  • Sue Robuck

    Roller Skating at the Roller Rink :) Spent many a Saturday all day with friends skating!! Good times; great memories!

  • Jessica Gantenbein

    So many of my childhood memories are from the local skating rink. <3 Spent so much time roller skating , even took lessons with a cute little skate skirt ;o)

  • Melynda Lee

    good times.. lots of birthday parties at the skating rinks.

  • Elaine Grant

    Roller Skating at the Roller Rink on Saturday nights!

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Yet another hold-over from the Inquisition!!! Every man should have been forced to sleep on these puppies as least once in their lives to understand our struggles!!

1950-60s nightly torment used to see people at the store with a scarf over these. Guess they didn't like sleeping on them.

I had these when I was 10:) along with a puffy quilted yellow vest jacket with nylon rainbow detailing and radio headphones. I got spoiled that Christmas. I also got a Barbie Star traveler motorhome.

Brush Rollers! We actually slept in these things. Pink plastic picks held them in place, and then we covered them with a hairnet.

Good times every Saturday Morning at the Roller Rink. Of course, with pom poms on my skates!!

Roller skating every Saturday morning! And....every other day of the week!

Anyone remember when you had to use your own shoes and strap and clamp them in and the noise the metal wheels made?

Oh the memories Loved to roller skate - even though my genetic problem with my ankle made it painful to skate - really loved the feel of the wood floor under my feet as we skated to the music at the local Skateland. Hated the smell of these used shoes - wonder how many people wore them over the years.

Rainbow Bright Roller Skates!!! THESE ARE THE ROLLER SKATES THAT I HAD!!! (I am way to excited to find this picture!)

I loved roller skating when I was in Jr. High!