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celia cruz | Celia Cruz still banned in Cuba but International media remains silent

Maria Callas, Commendatore (Greek: Μαρία Κάλλας) (December 2, 1923 – September 16, 1977) was an American-born Greek soprano and one of the most renowned opera singers of the 20th century. Picture from Turandot, 1950

Ellington called his music "American Music" rather than jazz, and liked to describe those who impressed him as "beyond category."[4] These included many of the musicians who were members of his orchestra, some of whom are considered among the best in jazz in their own right, but it was Ellington who melded them into one of the most well-known jazz orchestral units in the history of jazz.

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Nat King Cole was born on March 17, 1919, in Montgomery, Alabama.

Gil Scott-Heron, soul & jazz poet, musician, author, & self-described "bluesologist". He was primarily known as a spoken word performer, addressing social & political issues, particularly with his popular "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" work. His music, notably on Pieces of a Man and Winter in America, influenced & helped engender later African-American music genres such as hip hop & neo soul. Music writers have described him as "the godfather of rap" & "the Black Bob Dylan". R.I.P.

Celia Cruz The singer who I love listening to when I was a child and would dance in my living room to her music. To this day every time I hear her music it takes me back to my childhood, and the love of music and dance

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