Clever print packaging design #shoppingbag, #packaging #printing $129.9!!!Biggest sale of the season. Louis Vuitton Artsy MM Brown Totes!

New packaging for Barnes & Noble focuses on the first page of classic books combined with character illustrations.


plasticbag Guerrilla Media If you dump that plastic bag in the ocean it's your hand that kills the turtle.

Shopping bag pour une marque de laine by Sarah Fløe Stenberg Rodet, #creative #shoppingbag #packaging #design

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flower packaging


Austin Young's art perfume, Accident, has each bottle individually and uniquely packaged, numbered and signed.

Lollia by Margot Elena creates gorgeous packaging and products | I want to take a bubble bath now!

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very clever


Cool packaging concept

This is awesome branding and very clever too don't you think?


This package design is so simple but so eye catching. It's showing off the wine in a way that just putting it in a bag wouldn't be able to do." Could you use cereal type boxes & do something similar to this design & for other gifts? And just paint, put fabric or pics on the box?

Scrub a dub, dub. Can find this at Merle Norman Cosmetics and Gifts in Albany, GA

Momo meals Soup packaging design range a 20 Cool & Creative Food Packaging Design Assemblage For Inspiration