How to hide your cords~need to remember this!

smart ideas

How to Keep the Trash Bag from Slipping - attach Command Hooks, upside down, on both sides of the trash can - Money Mamma 101

Plastic Hangers Make Great Cord Storage - you could even keep the hanger and use it to store in the closet!

How to Organize and Hide Your Hanging Computer Cables Under Your Desk: "An inexpensive and great way to keep computer cables organized is to use squeeze-type paper clips, also known as binder or bulldog clips.

Or store them in a shoe organizer.

Orajel will stop mosquito bites from itching immediately. -- Must remember this... camping season is getting close!

Security, Hiding It In Plain Sight shtf, prepping,survival - Ok, yeah all of that too, but I am thinking this looks like a great way to store spice bottles and medicines in an RV so they don't bounce around everywhere and the visual clutter is reduced.

Organize cords.

54 Uses for Binder Clips That Will Change Your Life

flat extension cord for under rugs

Organize those cords

Wrap cord around unused appliances and velcro... WHY have I never thought of this?!? I want to do this to all my appliances right now!!!


Awesome idea desk cords

Hang a curtain rod, on command strip hooks. MIND. BLOWN. Hello, THIS is the stuff they should be telling college freshmen!

Good idea.

Use hooks underneath your desk to keep wires out of the way. | 36 Genius Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home

A basket under the desk to get those cords off the floor

Cord organizer for a desk or charging station.