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Gay By Birth Proud By Choice - By Evan Ferstenfeld, Roni Lagin & Lauren Lagin

Everyone loves in their own way. And as long as they do harm to no one (including themselves), every way is valid.

im pansexual and i dont wanr attention i just dony care what gender or sexuality you are if i love you i love you

code...decoded introduces the PRIDE code. "Identity" icons developed for a NEW generation of LGBT. Top, bottom, or versatile; butch or femme, bi, transgender, straight… what’s your code? Check us out and download your codes NOW:-) And Join us @ https://www.facebook.com/whatsmycode

decoded introduces the PRIDE code. "Identity" icons developed for a NEW…

Love is love is love is love -- so come out come all of us with our secrets--live and let live!

Glad to see that they support homosexuality, but please remember that you should never intentionally force someone to come out. It is a VERY personal, life changing decision, and that decision should be made by the person whose life it's going to affect

words do hurt.

Words and actions can have big consequences. LGBTQ+ youth living in places that are not supportive are 20 percent more likely to commit suicide than LGBT kids living in supportive environments.