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  • Genevieve Woodson

    silver lace black prim rose... shade plant. black and yellow, flower, yard, garden, pretty, unique

  • Angela Strand

    Shade Plants - Silver Lace Black Primrose- AKA bumblebee primrose. I have one and I love it!

  • Stacy Scott

    Oh wow! If I have no other flowers in the garden I would love to have some of these to look at all the time. Just lovely! Bumble Bee Primrose Shade Perennials

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Black Lace Elderberry - a shrub that offers purple-black foliage that has a wonderful lacy texture. It's a fast grower and, once established, is essentially carefree.

All of us have been conditioned, even though we may not put it in such crass terms, to believe that if you love me six units, I should love you at most six units in return. I can feel secure in loving you six units because you have already committed yourself that far. But if you get annoyed with me and stomp out, slamming the door, I should pull back, at least temporarily, my six units of love.

Reminds me of my Grandma. This was her and my Grandfather's special flower, she loved them because they were so rare. Sweet memories.

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Ginko. This is the ginko tree leaf it is also the symbol for Banks in Japan, the ginko fruit when left to rot smells quite horrid. My high school had these trees and the fall was an extremely smelly season for us students.

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Rudbeckia... this years gardens, for sure!

Flores individuales en pequeños recipientes... me las imagino en una repisa o al final de un librero... pero todas juntas, de diferentes colores... para dar vida y color a un espacio serio :)