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  • Dustin Davis

    I'll Drink to That | - Stranger and Stranger Christmas Absinthe

  • Brad McQueary

    20 Brilliant & Hallucinating Absinthe Bottle Designs - Pelfind

  • Sabrina Kerst

    Stranger & Stranger Christmas Absinthe - - Package Design Blog

  • Lou Dacs

    absinthe packaging design lettering bottle label

  • Leese

    Absinthe, The Green Fairy!

  • Murray

    I wouldn't drink it... but beautiful label design.

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One of my favorite things is well formatted form design, particularly from the 30's to 40's

Some may say this vodka bottle's label is too cluttered, but I personally love the look!

For our 12th Christmas gift we resurrected the glory days of Absinthe and created a bespoke single batch of only 250 bottles.

"After countless hours of research, the collective perception of Absinthe was deconstructed into meaningful facets of its character. Each facet was then translated into a visual language of imagery, elements, colors, and textures." Mmmm, Art Deco...

Stranger identified 22 niches and buying occasions that might benefit from enhanced packaging and developed a patented bottle sleeve that contains everything from quotes to recipes.

Absinthe (a liqueur made with fennel as one of it's flavoring herbs for a licorice taste)

Designed by Sasha Ermolenko a student at British Higher School of Design in Moscow.

beautiful pinks, reds, and golds. plus the whole composition is lovely.

Typographic experiment for Friends of Type, soon available as a print.