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Two vowels.

Sound Friends

Long Vowel Sounds anchor chart

AWESOME resource: short and long vowel posters PLUS posters about reading tools (like eagle eyes-check the picture and flippy the dolphin-try another vowel sound)

This is a poster I have made to remind kids the different ways to pronounce the ending

Free-ed Ending Poster and Practice Page. Could use in-conjunction w/ the Secret Story about "ED"

silent e- I love that there is a story to go with the concept. It gives students more schema to remember this when reading!!

CVCe Packet: SUPER 'E' helps the other vowels say their name when they are in a CVCe word pattern.

This is one of my favorite secret stories! Just the mention of it and my kids pull back in their chairs, step on their imaginary brake, and make the sound. :)

Phonics SECRETS®

Cute and short little 'secret' stories to help remember tricky letters and phonics sounds.My class refers to their Secret Stories posters constantly!