Albino Blue Jay photography by Diana Brennan via Etsy

Desert Cardinal

shoebill stork


Albino chickadee...actually this cutie is leucistic, not albino. If it was a true albino it's eyes would be red. It can come live in my backyard anytime though :).

Blue jay


Steller's Jay, Yosemite Falls

White-throated Magpie-jay

albino ravens

Blue jays

Blue jay

Bluejay waiting for spring

albino cardinal bird

Albino hummingbird

Steller's Jay....So Handsome, but very pushy

Albino mandarin duck. What a cutie!!

albino crow

Yellow Blue and Gold. This Macaw is most likely an Lutino albino. His yellow coloring wouldn't come from eumelanin but some of it may be from other pigments that albinism doesn't affect (such as carotenoid pigments) or maybe even from phaeomelanin. If his coloring was a result of leucism or xanthochromism his eyes would not be pink.