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In the LA Times, Elaine Woo reflects on her words from 1992, "Suddenly, I am scared to be Asian...More specifically, I am afraid of being mistaken for Korean."

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Los Angeles riots: Another city, not our own

LA Times features Patt Morrison's reflections on the 1992 riots. Morrison writes, "In the riotous spring of 1992, the old L.A. stereotypes got taken out for another spin. Hell in paradise, death in the sunlit promised land."

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The damage went deep

LA Times: "Koreans suffered outsized losses: More than 2,000 Korean-run businesses were damaged or destroyed, with an estimated $400 million in losses. Two-thirds were not insured....But the cost went deeper. Many Koreans lost their bearings in the L.A. riots."

LA Observed excerpts articles from LA Times writers who revisited their 1992 riots observations. "A memorable line from George Ramos stands out for me, a lifelong Angeleno — 'Los Angeles, you broke my heart...and I'm not sure I'll love you again.'"

Ted Soqui's brief reflections of being once again, immersed in the events of 1992. Soqui, "This will probably be the only story that I won't be unable to put behind me, sure many of my colleagues feel the same way."

On KCRW's Which Way LA, Wanda Coleman reads: ‘The Riot Inside Me’, ‘Soon Ja’, ‘After the Rampage’

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1992 Los Angeles riots seen in pieces in literature: Critic's Notebook

LA Times' book critic David Ulin finds the literature of the the 1992 LA Riots fragmented.