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    Across a vast expanse of country land, lofty electrical towers always seem somewhat out of place. They clash with the natural aesthetic of the environment, yet they are needed in this high-functioning world we live in. Moscow-based design studio Design Depot has realized a design concept that has the potential to remedy this visual dilemma—deer-shaped transmission towers. The towering animal structures remind us of Jin Choi and Thomas Shine's Land of Giants from a couple of years ago, but unlike

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    Unbelievable Deer- Shaped Electrical Towers! My first reaction when I saw this article on MyModernMet was ” cool editing wish someone would actually make that”, however I am wrong! These gigantic metal deers are not photoshopped , but real creations! These are made by a Russian design studio “ Design Depot “. Something that really surprised me is how the towers go so well with the landscape behind it, they seem very natural together..anyways a Brilliant design!!

  • K Timson

    deer shaped electricity pylon concept by Moscow-based design studio Design Depot - idea for Winter Olympics in Sochi 2

  • Amanda Kirkwood

    deer sculpture

  • Karl Kersnovske

    Awesome pylon concepts, created by DesignDepot, design studio, located in Moscow, RussiaQUITE USEFULL IF HIGH TENSION LINES CROSS DEER PARK?

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