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  • Judith Reibel

    One point Weight Watchers chocolate cupcakes Chocolate 3 ingredient muffins 1 boxed chocolate cake mix (I used sugar free) 1 small can of pumpkin puree 15 ounce 6 ounces of chocolate chips **MAKES 48 mini cupcakes**

  • Joyce Holland

    Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes: 1 boxed chocolate cake mix (I used sugar free), 1 small can of pumpkin puree 15 ounce, 6 ounces of chocolate chips. (3 weight watchers pts)

  • Lisa Ingram

    Weight watchers 1 point chocolate cupcake! Chocolate Chip Muffins (1 WW point each) 1 boxed chocolate cake mix (I used sugar free) 1 small can of pumpkin puree 6 ounces of chocolate chips Preheat oven to 350 degrees Mix together cake mix and canned pumpkin. It is best to use a mixer for about 2 minutes on medium speed to get fluffier cupcakes. Add in almost all of the 6 ounces of chocolate chips, save some for the tops. bake 22-25 min

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1 point WW cupcakes! 3 ingredients (cake mix, canned pumpkin, choc chips). Awesome.

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Chips! BAKED Chips! BAKED ZUCCHINI CHIPS!!! Light and healthy and I am up for this one! I will try sea salt as well as Costco's Sweet Mesquite Barbeque Seasoning with a tid of sugar, blended to a finer powder. YUM!

I make these each week - so easy! The frosting is also coffee flavored. Did I mention it is frugal as well!