Homemade Tandoori oven

Thinking I might give this a shot. A homemade tandoor oven.

*Update* Make your very own DIY Tandoori Oven

DIY Terra Cotta Meat Smoker guide

Easy DIY Outdoor Oven Tinkering Lab: Portable Pizza Oven

The complete book of " Self - Sufficiency" 1978

How to collect birch sap. Birch sugar is the original "xylitol".

Carving a comb tutorial- jons-bushcraft.com

Very interesting idea! Create 72 hour emergency kits over an 8 week period. Instructions on what to do each week.

Tandoori BBQ: Our Tandoori spice rub is inspired by the classic Northern Indian tradition of clay oven bbq. In the traditional recipes proteins or paneer are ma

DIY Tip of the Day: Eliminate Meal Moths. Meal moths get into dry food like flour, beans, dried fruit and dog food. To kill them, put the food in the freezer for at least four days or heat it in a 130-degree oven for 30 minutes. Meal moths don’t carry disease, so after picking the dead bodies and larvae out of the food, you can eat it. Store your food in glass or sturdy plastic containers with sealed lids.

Several posts here on building a refrigerator root cellar

Build a Rocket Stove- One of the best and most efficient ways to cook in an emergency!

How to bake bread and pizza on a grill. Good to know when the power is out. Irony is that I won't be able to get to this post if my power is out LOL

Making moccasins

Underground shelter blueprints.

Diagram: solar oven

Hankshaw says: Maple seeds are a neglected food source. In the Spring you can harvest buckets of them. 1) Hull the pea-like seeds. 2) Boil in water, draining and reboiling until the tannins are removed (the bitter taste) 3) season to taste. Or dry in the sun or roast in the oven. They can be ground into a usable flour.

Solar ovens...

Enjoy the warmth of summer and learn to pitch a homemade tent. Click here to download instructions in pdf format.

Build Your Own Tandoor Oven (homemade naan!) from Food 52