Laws of Modern Man 132 - "Never love anybody who treats you like you're ordinary." - Oscar Wilde. #Quote

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Oscar Wilde

"Be with someone who knows exactly what they have when they have you. Not someone who will realize it after they've lost you."

I love my fiance :D hes mine and im his...he is perfect,hes one of a kind, & hes the reason for my smile!!! :D hes everything i ever dreamed of and i thank god everyday for blessing me with a good faithful, intelligent & handsome man :))


Well said sir. #OscarWilde #overdressed #overeducated


I love this!!!

So that's why I'm so smart! ;)


So true!!! NO perfect guys, but that one that is perfect for you hold on to him... especially when he is willing to fight for his family..... Note to self, remember this.....😏

I see when men love women. They give them but a little of their lives. But women when they love give everything. ~ Oscar Wilde, irish-love-quotes

it's a truth everyone should know...


Amen !!

Your character is very important as it shows who you belong to...

Relationships aren;t for getting things. They're for giving things. Never fall in love to make yourself happy. Fall in love to make the person you fall in love with happy.