Colored pasta beads- 1 c. pasta (per color) + 2 T. rubbing alcohol + 2-3 drops food coloring

Make your own colored sand- so easy and so much cheaper than the store bought stuff!

Inexpensive beads? Place your dried pasta in a zip plastic baggie. Pour in 3-4 drops of your food coloring. Pour in 1 Tablespoon of Rubbing Alcohol. Now seal the bag and shake it all together. Make sure each piece of dried pasta gets coated. Pour your colored pasta out on paper towel lined trays. Place them in the sun to dry even faster.

sharpie & rubbing alcohol "tie dye". I could see "writing" a name on the front and using this method..

Home made ice bag

Cool science experiment for kids! Rainbow Roses. Get white or cream colored long stem roses. (Carnations work well too). Cut the stem according to the picture, you will then place 4 glasses of food color dyed water together. Put one piece of stem per color and allow the flower to soak up different colors.

Great ideas for DIY games to make with ROCKS! I love ideas like these that are fun and cheap. Definitely adding to the summer bucket list...

The World’s Best Bubbles 1 1/2 quarts of water 1/2 cup light corn syrup 1 cup liquid dish soap

Fabriquer facilement de petits bateaux

How to Make Melted Bead Suncatchers from kids plastic pony beads. Beautiful!! (Make sure to see the tips for safety and success.)

Bubble blowers using recycled materials - fun activity for kids


Rainbow Rice Garden for Play: This morning we made rainbow rice. I measured out the rice (4 cups) and put it in a Ziploc bag with about 2T of food coloring or liquid water colors (works great!) and 3 T of rubbing alcohol. The kids helped me mix the rice in the bags to spread the color. We put them on pans to dry in the sun. It all dried incredibly fast.

Cars + markers= a whole lot of fun for a little kid. Crafts for kids don't need rules to be awesome!

magic milk paint... use to love doing this with my Kdg. and 1st graders. So much fun!!

Colored water in squeeze bottles for drawing in the snow.

Blanket SWAPS. Can make my own out of some scrap fleece and some safety pins! :) UPDATE: 3/22/12, made these at Girl Scout meeting. I also brought the history of SWAPS printed out so the girls could understand why.

Pour bubble solution into several cups. Add 5 drops of food coloring to each cup. Dip bubble wands into the colorful solutions and blow bubbles onto plain white paper. Allow the bubbles to settle and burst on their own.

For emergency only! TP and alcohol, highly flammable!

♥ EDIBLE Homemade Sand ♥ This 2 ingredient sand holds together just like real sand. It makes a fantastic sensory play kids activity for toddler and preschoolers.

Monster's for your kids to color.