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The birds flitted and flapped about, dancing and twirling, spinning and flipping. They were performing for her. She was the one who had taught them and in the midst of blurred shapes and colored feathers, there she was, keeping time with each and every one of them. She leapt and spun, tapped and stepped, circled and slid. They were a mass of movement, a dynamo of dance, and they never stopped for a moment.

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ChipperSkipper, Original Art, CUSTOM Pet Portrait Oil Paintings by puci, dog paintings, 10x10"

Skipper, the spirited Black Schnauzer represents this listing for the 10x10 size CUSTOM oil portrait. Do you have a lively pet in your life

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Oh my gosh! That lady is waaaay more clam than I would be, but it made an AMAZING picture!!!

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Duck, Wild duck, mallard duck, New Zealand bird art, Contemporary design, Kiwi, Farm animals, Duck, Geometric print, Modern design, tinykiwi

Wood Pigeon, Native NZ Kereru, Geometric print, Original illustration, Animal print, Minimal art, Nursery wall art

Dove, White dove, Pigeon, Fantail pigeon, Geometric print, Original illustration, Animal print, Minimal art, Nursery wall art - $10.99

A 6.04 carat Burmese ruby and diamond ring is expected to fetch 2.5-3.8 million at Christie's Hong Kong on May 29

1/5/15 BEAUTY – A1029042 Urgent | Brooklyn SUPER URGENT 03/16/15 Brooklyn Center My name is BEAUTY. My Animal ID # is A1029042. *** FOSTER END – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION*** I am a female y brindle and white am pit bull ter mix. The shelter thinks I am about 5 YEARS old. I came in the shelter as a OWNER SUR on 02/28/2015 from NY 11233, owner surrender reason stated was NO TIME. From the foster: Simply put, Beauty is AMAZING. She is as sweet as they come and wants nothing more than to shower…

Journal of A Man of Letters, Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #34 As a hunter, I saw a lot of things in my life. I saw the most mysterious corners of Hell, Heaven and Purgatory. I saw evil manifesting itself in forms as terrifying as shifters, witches, and wendigos. I saw Lucifer almost roasting the planet alive just by snapping his fingers. And…I saw my brother behaving like a dog, literally having long conversations with a German Shepherd as if they were BFFs and getting into an argument…