Stripes and pleated blue skirt.

perfect fall colors

blazer with striped shirt and scarf

Little top with a long high-waisted skirt and a skinny belt simple jewelry. I like this look.

Color perfection.

stripes on stripes on stripes

Striped shirt, long high waisted skirt

Stripes Dress With Sunflower Cardigan and Pumps


clutch black knit fitted tucked sweater so chic. bold skirt. Bodysuit

Maxi Skirt Collection

chic navy stripes and a pretty pink skirt

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polka dots and leopard prints.

Black, white, red, leopard, tan OH MY GOSH! Love the skirt <3

I almost bought a leather skirt like this on amp day, but they didn't have it in my waist size. :(

summer stripes & hat

Love this floral skirt!

Adorable summer dress!

leopard print top