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    The Istj:, Professional drama avoider - this is why we're so good to work with. We don't get mired down wasting time in emotional messes.

    36% ISTJ 27% INTJ 10% ENTJ 8% ESTJ 8% INFJ

    ISTJ-- This is Noah, quietly sweet, doesn't give much of a emotional reaction, just smiles.

    ISTJ: Sillier, softer, and stranger than any profile would dare to mention, and often more so than they themselves are aware of. They become so firmly set in their habits that they often fail to realize how idiosyncratic some of them are. They are quite vulnerable and can become depressed and anxious when they are faced with a difficult decision, more so than other types. This is because of their strong sense of accountability. They can also have a knack for puns and poignant descriptions, ...

    ISTJ Infographic - Facts and Stats about the ISTJ personality type

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    28 Signs That You Totally Have Senioritis This is me.


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    Story of my life.


    my childhood


    (pronoun). Me


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