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  • Melissa Hardin

    A Calm Down Jar. Shake the jar and the child has to watch the jar until the glitter settles. Good idea for children and adults!

  • Lauren Surber

    A calm down jar... shake, watch the glitter settle, calm down :) What a good idea for kids (and adults too, haha)

  • Lisa Spillane

    A Calm Down Jar. Shake the jar and the child has to watch the jar until the glitter settles. It would be great to link this idea with the colors of the Six Healing Sounds. For example, a blue glitter jar for the kidneys, breathing in peace and breathing out fear.

  • Ashley Gilson

    a 'calm down jar' - shake the jar & the child has to watch the jar until the glitter settles. (use plastic jar so if it gets thrown in a fit of anger you don't have glitter everywhere!)How to make: Just mix 1 tablespoon of glitter glue, per 1 cup of hot water, add extra glitter (I used an extra small tub). A note: The first Mind Jar I made was red and Pix didn’t like it. She told me that red was “an angry color” and then requested a blue Mind Jar “because blue is like the happy ocean”.

  • Sabrina Setty

    I love this idea: A calm jar. good idea for kids! You fill the jar with colored water and glitter. When you are upset you shake the jar and have to watch it until the glitter completely settles. The time it takes is enough time for you to settle your emotions.

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Calming glitter bottles for time outs or temper tantrums

DIY calm down jars...I tried a sensory bag recently and no matter what I did it leaked, like this much better :)

For when they need alone time! calming jar, instead of doing a "time out" get kids to sit at the table and shake their calming jar, then they sit there until all the glitter settles .. good distraction?

Ideas for part of a "calm down" basket for kids. It would be great to use this for adults, too.

Another "calming jar" idea: your kids shake the bottle and then have to watch it till the glitter settles to the bottom. This one has the advantage of being in non-breakable plastic bottles. Also, you can superglue the lids on, so the kids don't open the bottles and drink the glitter glue while they're "calming down."

Glitter Jar - use to help a child calm down from a tantrum. Have child sit still and watch the glitter fall to the bottom. Once glitter has settled, discuss the situation with the child.

Have better time-outs! Oh, you're really upset? Hey look over here at this sparkly bottle. Shake it up. Watch it settle. All is calm and time-out is over! Now it's time to talk about what happened calmly.

Calming Jar :: Time Out idea. Fill w/ hot water, add 1 tbs glitter glue, 3 tsp fine glitter, & a drop of blue food coloring. Have the child shake the jar & watch the glitter fall. When all the glitter has settled (and when the child has calmed down), then their time-out is over. It's quite soothing actually

  • Ella Taplin

    I didn't even know that there was such a thing as a calming jar?! It sounds cool!

  • T R

    These work great when our little one gets overwhelmed and needs a bit of space. 5 minutes tops and he's calm again.

Great idea

calming jars are great for when kids need a distraction and some time to calm down, just please use a plastic bottle!

Frozen Mind Jars- easy to make and great for soothing kids and calming them down. These work great for time-out time, too!