Dumbledore's Army and The Order

I need a moment. This is too much sadness. o-o

Original Order of the Phoenix

The Marauders

oh geez. my heart hurts.

they actually filmed this? And then TOOK IT OUT OF THE MOVIE??

Harry Potter Stuff

No one would understand this moment unless you read the books. Harry woke up before Hermione and Ron, looked at them both, and noticed their hands were inches away from each other. As though they had held hands before falling asleep.


<3 Luna

Harry Potter cast having fun! Mainly awesome because Dumbledore breaks it down.

Dumbledore's Army

Slytherin House by *Whisperwings

Snape and Dumbledore prank Harry Potter.

last day....

Harry Potter

Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks ~ Harry Potter

Dumbledore too.

Not only are your reasons absolutely "riddikulus", but your logic and grammar are "Sirius"-ly flawed. At least so many people saw that! "Harry Potter" vs. "Twilight"? There IS no comparison! HP all the way!