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  • Lori Luckhard

    Cute Easter ideas

  • Sara Reagan McNabb

    Easter Baskets Made Out Of Candy.... Edible Easter Basket Idea....

  • Beth Connelly

    Edible Easter Baskets~ These would be a neat gift idea any time of the year with different candy.

  • Pearls Candy

    Edible Easter baskets! Use heat gun on LOW setting to glue eges of four Easter treats together, and glue them to a cardboard base covered in construction paper. Fill with any Easter treats you like, and use construction paper to make a "handle."

  • Rachel Weller

    Edible Easter Baskets. Cute idea for the niece and nephews.

  • Tena Crenshaw

    Easter baskets made of Easter candy. Such a great idea!

  • Melissa Tapp

    Edible Easter basket. Such a cute little Easter gift.

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